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Current & Forthcoming titles


Blip Books is an eclectic independent book publisher based in Liverpool, England. Our special interests are:

Science Fiction

Blip currently publishes the Slabscape series by S. Spencer Baker as eBooks, paperbacks and webbacks (eBooks with hotlinks to an online resource).


‘I am not the same person’ by Colin Vearncombe was published in 2012. There is also a limited edition, hand made version available through the author’s website. The second volume in this series, ‘Walk the dotted line’ was published in Autumn 2014.

Creative Business

Two creative business eBooks, Harnessing Creativity 1 & 2 are available (in Japanese) through this site as well as the cibnet.jp website. The eBooks are taken from the Japanese site which was translated from creativityinbusiness.net.