Blip Books is a ’boutique’ publisher – which is bullshit for small, under-resourced and pretty much incapable of handling more than one book at a time – and even after that we need a long rest with a bottle of rat 5, a cool towel for the collective brow and couple of visits to a BoCoLoCo.

What we are saying is, for the time being, you would be wasting your time to send us any manuscripts, no matter how brilliant and sure-fire-best-sellers they are because we haven’t even got the time to read them.

Sorry (but you can do it yourself you know).

So even though we are putting our address here, it’s just for normal business purposes – don’t go getting any ideas – well, no we don’t mean that – get lots of ideas, write them down and have a lot of fun, just please don’t send them to us.

We may be small, be we are spread out over continents and may not be in your time zone so please use the contact form for all press enquiries or questions related to your purchases.

Blip Books
P.O. Box 109
Liverpool    L18 8WX