head and shoulders photo of Steve Baker

photo credit: Gisli Snaer

Steve S. Baker, (born 1956) has worked with creative artists as a producer/manager since before he left school. His initial experience was in managing bands and starting a small independent record label. During several years of struggling for success, he had to take many ‘conventional’ jobs ranging from retail sales and service contract negotiation to computer aided design consultancy and tour management.

After moving to Liverpool in 1981, he teamed up with Colin Vearncombe, the singer songwriter also known as ‘Black’ who sold over two million albums in the late 1980s. Colin continues to release records on his own Nero Schwarz label, which Steve manages through his UK based company.

In 1991, Steve, Colin and John Warwicker (the ex-art director of A&M Records, Colin’s record label during the 80s) co-founded the company that became Tomato, a London based collective whose activity encompasses advertising, film making, identity design, interactive installations, web design, books & exhibitions, performance, consultancy and many diverse creative areas. He was the Managing Director of Tomato and Tomato Films production companies until the end of 2003 when he resigned to move to Japan.

He now acts as a manager, creative business consultant, lecturer and writer and lives with his wife in Tokyo. As a off-shoot of his creative business consultancy, he has two websites, creativityinbusiness.net and cibnet.jp (the latter being a Japanese version of the former) and has authored two eBooks in Japanese (translated by Akira Hatsusegawa) which are available through here, cibnet.jp and Amazon.co.jp.

(He is also S. Spencer Baker, author of the Slabscape series.)