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The first of a poetry series from Colin Vearncombe, aka BLACK. These slim volumes are beautifully designed using elements from the author’s paintings and sketches set against typography that echoes the sensual curves of the imagery.

I am careless, a waster of words

I am not the same person is a collection of intimate poetry from an author whose creative output spans over thirty years of song and lyric writing. Often sensual and always revealing, Vearncombe fearlessly confronts the human condition.

and my heart sings to look upon your face (I song I do not know)

The digital version is not yet available. We have been waiting for eBook technology to advance sufficiently enough to do justice to this series and are currently developing a version that will include audio recordings of readings by the author and display the pages as they were intended to be viewed on a variety of eReaders. If you would like to be informed when the digital version is ready, please add your name and contact details to our mailing list.

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