Somebody’s slung a stop sign over a solar system and Slab is heading straight for it.

Stopping is not an option. Slab is over a thousand kilometres long, travelling at near-lightspeed and the thirty-two million humans, NAHs, avatars and irritating minorities who inhabit the Slabscape are on a mission; they’re going Home and wouldn’t stop even if they could. The human contiguation of the SlabCouncil, having long suspected that Slab would eventually cross paths with someone or something who got in their way, had a policy regarding alien interventions: ignore them.

Louie Drago is not a happy hologram. He lets the council interns know exactly what he thinks of their plan and implements one of his own.

Dielle, a reset who remembers nothing of his previous life on Earth, is trying hard to forget one of the few things he does know: that before he was frozen for over three-hundred years, he used to be Louie Drago. After a bizarre offer from Slab’s preeminent gamer he’s forcibly liberated from the care and protection of the SlabWide Integrated System.

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Tit delivers an exiled version of Louie to the site of a four-hundred-year-old Earth mystery.

It’s only when parts of a local solar system start disappearing that council is forced to do something the interns will deny until the end of the universe (or tea-time, depending on your asynchronology).

Slabscape: Dammit is the second in the Slabscape series.

Publication date: November 3rd 2014 (Kindle version)

June 11th 2015

ISBN: 9780993030512


£2.99£8.99 inc VAT (where applicable)
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